Potentiating Distance Healing

I am grateful for a new level of healing that I was guided to recently.  I have been doing many distance healing sessions and recently was asked by one of my patients if she could send me a Zoom link and record the session. She had been challenged with chronic neuropathy for many years that had gotten worse, along with heart symptoms, low energy, and sleep deprivation.  I had only given her two distance healing sessions, and never any in-person, so this was to be her third distance healing session.

Even though I had never recorded a session before, I agreed. The following week I checked in with her to schedule another distance healing for her.  She shared with me that listening to the recording of the HT distance healing was bringing more and more levels of healing.  “I love that you are on my laptop and are there for me whenever I need you!”.  She reported it worked well for her to listen to the recording whenever she was ready to relax and receive and that she felt she was opening more to important guidance for her healing.  She also reported a great improvement in her symptoms and much restored energy that she was grateful for!

Needless to say, this got my attention!  Some healers are practicing the concept of Cocoon Healing – sending distance healing into a cocoon for a person to access whenever they need it.  But this added a new dimension entirely!  I believe this may be a way to potentiate our distance healing!

Since that time, I have offered 10 recordings to other recipients of my distance healing and have had very positive feedback.  These are some of the comments they have shared with me:

“I feel like you are in the room with me every time I listen to it,”
“I experience different levels of healing each time.”
“It calms me and brings back the balance whenever I listen to it.”
“I experience a lot of light and your presence when I listen to the recording.”
“I have been using it every day during my cancer infusions and it has been so helpful!  I just got my scan results back and there are no more cancer cells!  I know you are part of a true healing miracle!”

The procedure I use for recording these healing sessions includes the following:

  1. Start with either Zoom or a Face Time call so that a visual connection can be made.
  2. Start recording after the intake when the person is reclining and ready to receive.
  3. Ask permission to record that session and record their permission.
  4. Give them permission to ask any questions they might have during the treatment or to share anything they are experiencing
  5. Proceed with an energy assessment (which I don’t share verbally so as not to influence follow-up “sessions”).
  6. Then I do my HT treatment techniques, verbalizing what I am doing as I do it – example “I am starting with your right foot and ankle, holding it in my hands and sending energy back and forth balancing your right foot”.  It is like a guided imagery in some ways – specific to that person.

I believe that recording a healing session and giving it to a patient may be a powerful way to potentiate their healing experience, whether it is a distance healing or one in person. Some healers who are giving healing treatments to cancer patients as a service may be limited to a certain number of treatments.  Wouldn’t it be a gift to record one of those sessions for these patients and give it to them after having completed their last treatment?  This would be a loving energy boost for them to access for their healing over time.

I feel that this new awareness is important for me to share!  Healers, please consider this idea of recording a healing session for your patients! I recommend waiting to do a recording until you have at least a couple healing sessions with a patient to establish a relationship. I know many healers do their distance healing silently, so that it might be challenging at first to do this verbalization during the treatment. But trust me that it does flow easier every time you share with your patient in this way.

Using Zoom works very well and you can choose to send only the audio recording, which takes up less space on computers or phones.  When using your computer, consider using earbuds so that your voice doesn’t drop when you move to the table work.  On Zoom settings, you can select your earbuds for your speaker and microphone if you Bluetooth them.  Or you can record on your phone (Voice memos) while on a Face Time or WhatsApp call and send it to your patient.

I am continuing to learn more about recording, saving, sending and storing these recordings.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can contact me at: anneday7@gmail.com

Please consider this gift for your patients and for all in relation to planet earth!