Meditation Enhancement – The Power of Four

For the last 1 ½ year, I have been meditating once a week with three others who have made a commitment to connect on the same day each week to tap into guidance together. The Founder of Healing Touch, Janet Mentgen, shared her belief with us years ago that there was a “power of four” that we could use to maximize our connection to guidance and Universal Wisdom. I like to visualize a building that is strengthened by the four corners of its foundation that were built to be important support structures. We often feel that we become like pillars of Light as we practice this mediation connection together.

We recently shared “the power of 4” with the Healing Touch International Instructors at their annual meeting after we received guidance to share this important practice with others. We have found that this enhances one’s mediation practice by magnifying the energy through a connection with others, which allows us to more easily connect to One Mind – a concept of Universal Oneness.

During one of these group sessions, I received some powerful guidance that I feel is helpful to share with others. Many years ago when I was travelling with Janet and teaching, she told me to look at strangers through my “heart vision” and see what their hearts look like. I was reminded of this teaching when this guidance came to me: “Spark the inner Light of the Core Star in at least 7 other people every day! Do this by consciously sending heart energy through your eyes and heart, along with a smile, to people that you meet or interact with. Observe their energy and you will be able to sense a connection that feels like a brightness responding to the energy you are sending to them. This is the “spark” that you are looking for!

By setting the intention for the number 7(a sacred number), it made me very aware of this intention as I moved through each day. I found it to be a powerful way to “Light up” others and myself in the process! And as a result, when I follow this instruction, it changes my perceptions, which change my reality in a very positive way. I encourage you to practice this suggestion and experience the results for yourself!